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[해외]KARSEEN Fitness Tracker Smart Watch H3 Color Screen for Blood Pressure and Heart Rate 모니터 Phone Enabled IP67 방수 Pedometer Sports Watch for Men
[해외]KARSEEN Fitness Tracker Smart Watch H3 Color Screen for Blood Pressure and Heart Rate 모니터 Phone Enabled IP67 방수 Pedometer Sports Watch for Men 요약정보 및 구매

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KARSEEN Fitness Tracker Smart Watch H3 Color Screen for Blood Pressure and Heart Rate 모니터 Phone Enabled IP67 방수 Pedometer Sports Watch for Men












Product Description

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New Design 24/4 Sensor: 3 Heart Rate Monitor Light and 1 infrared Sensor detect more accurate.Can accurately measure black man heart rate.In the heart rate monitoring interface,it would automatically enter the heart rate detection mode,supporting dynamic
3 Main Interfaces Color Screen: There are 3 main interfaces in the band.Long press for three seconds on the main interface to select which specific interfaces to switch to.Single click to switch.Long press and hold for three seconds to confirm selecting t
24/7 Heart Rate BP Tracking: Everything starts with health. Automatically and effectively track your heart rate and blood pressure throughout the day and night with your GloryFit.In the blood pressure monitoring interface.it would automatically enter the
Reminder Function:Receive call, SMS and SNS (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other apps) notifications. Female physiological period reminder, alarm clock, heartrate warning and sedentary reminder. It brings convenience to your life.
New Design with USB Charge: Just charge with any USB port (no cable needed). One full charge gives you up to 13-15 days of working time. KARSEEN promise 45 days no reason money back and 1 year warranty.
Item model num : KARSEEN
MPN(PartNumber) : 4350144471
EAN : 0820103126335
Package Dimensions(LxWxH) : 34x8x4cm ; 1220 g
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